The objectives of the DivulgaH2 project are aligned with the training, outreach, communication and social perception activities that the CNH2 develops and are considered of great interest for the center, the staff, the public and the Science-Technology-Enterprise chain.

Outlined below are the most important objectives:

  • Informing and bringing the public closer to the research and development of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies activities that the CNH2 as ICTS serving to Science-Technology-Enterprise chain develops.
  • Explaining and demonstrating the advantages and requirements of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies to different target audience with examples from everyday life, reducing ignorance, fear and social barriers on hydrogen.
  • Training to students and teachers of primary, secondary, Bachelor and training courses within the region.
  • Developing pilot demonstrations and workshops with students and the general public through educational kits that allow the manipulation of technology and higher learning.
  • Conducting CNH2 Open days where fuel cells applications will be exposed to the public.
  • Participating in the Science Week 2014 with activities that show hydrogen applications for transport and fuel cells as a power supply housing combined with renewable energies
  • Preparing social acceptance studies among the target audience and analyzing the results, to improve outreach and dissemination activities.
  • Making dissemination of project results in which CNH2 is involved.