Scientific dissemination activities that arise within the DivulgaH2 project intended to promote and encourage the approach of science, technology and innovation to citizens, shortening distances between scientific and technological world and society in general, as theSCIENTIFIC, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION RESEARCH PLAN STATE 2013-2016 includes among its specific objectives.

Activities under the project DivulgaH2 contemplate different actions:

Science Week 2014.
Action 1: Dissemination session “Hydrogen Formula”.
Action 2: Dissemination session “Future housing”.

Energy Week in Puertollano.
Action 3: “Energy Route”.

II Educational Sessions “Hydrogen moves you”.
Action 4: “Hydrogen moves you”.

CNH2 Open Days.
Action 5: “Hydrogen and Energy”.

Training in schools and colleges.
Action 6: “Educational Centers Cultural Week”.

Communication and digital media.
Action 7: Web www.divulgah2.esand social networks