The “Senda del Hidrógeno”

The “Senda del Hidrógeno” is a dissemination activity which consists of an educational itinerary that allows introducing the hydrogen and fuel cells technologies through an educational tour for the Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno (CNH2) facilities in Puertollano (Ciudad Real)

The main objectives of this educational tour are:

  • To identify the different renewable energies, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
  • To know the physical and chemical hydrogen properties.
  • To value the importance of being environmentally friendly.
  • To learn the different processes of hydrogen production.
  • To understand what the electrolysis is.
  • To know different hydrogen storage alternatives, advantages and disadvantages.
  • To know and handle different hydrogen and fuel cells applications in the daily life.
  • To learn what a Hydrogen Refuelling Station is.
  • To interact with the hydrogen and fuel cells technologies through games, demonstrators and interactive workshops.
  • To learn how to use the hydrogen in a safety way.

The  “Senda del Hidrógeno” Areas

A – Training Area

In this area, we perform a presentation of the CNH2, its objectives and functions. We also present the basic concepts related to the hydrogen and the energy, production and storage of hydrogen, the fuel cells and their applications or the hydrogen security in order to understand the rest of activities.



B – Interaction with Technologies Area

This area allows a greater contact and interaction with the technologies. This zone has six workstations related to the hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, composed by  physical and experimental demonstrators, as well as touch screens with information and interactive games for the use of the visitor.

C – Application and Museum Area.

In this section the visitors can see, handle and manipulate applications for the production of electricity from a combination  of renewable energies and hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, such as a home electricity supply, toy car powered by hydrogen or a Scalextric that works with a fuel cell. Furthermore, along this tour,  different equipment and real components are showed in order to deep into the details of the rest of activities.